32Gi Immunize Tabs Tube Of 20 80G 6’s


Rid yourself of lost training & racing days due to illness AND help strengthen your immune system with this unique quad formulation of Wellmune®, Vitamin C, Zinc and a Vitamin B blend.

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CLINICALLY PROVEN IMMUNE SUPPORT – Wellmune® forms a shield around your immune fighting cells. Primed with extra armour your immune cells can move more quickly to fight safely against foreign intruders.

REDUCTION IN FATIGUE – Studies show that Wellmune® shows a 48% reduction in fatigue, while Immunize is also fortified with Vitamin B’s to support the energy system.

BOOST COLLAGEN PRODUCTION – Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which can strengthen the body’s immune system. It is also very well known to help with iron absorption and collagen production.

REDUCE INFLAMATION & FORTIFY GUT BACTERIA – Zinc has been shown to aid infection fighting by reducing inflammation and symptoms associated with colds and flu. It is also excellent for fortifying gut bacteria.

ZERO BANNED SUBSTANCES – We are fully compliant with WADA standards.

NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES PROMISE – Rest easy knowing that 32Gi® Immunize has no artificial flavours or colours, AND is…



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