HyperIce Venom Leg


Wrap with warmth.

The Venom Leg is made for recovery on-the-go.

Walk, bend, and stretch with it on, or sit back and relax.

Wherever you go, the Venom Leg will be there to heal you along the way.

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Versatile fit:

Digital touch screen to control three distinct vibration patterns ? wave, pulse and constant as well as three heat settings and a timer.

Soothe and relieve:

Venom leg helps decrease joint stiffness and relax muscles. The combination of heat and vibration helps to warm, loosen, and relax stiff muscles.

What?s included with your Venom Leg:

Venom Leg wrap – The wrap for your leg.

Venom Leg pod – The device for heat and vibration.

Power supply – To keep your device charged and ready to go.

Additional plug adapters (2) – To charge your device no matter where you are.


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