HyperIce Venom Shoulder Left


Wrap with warmth.

Venom Shoulder features nanotechnology heating elements that generate up to 160 degrees of soothing heat in under 90 seconds.

Available in right and left.

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Soothe and loosen:

The Venom Shoulder will get you on the road to recovery. Whether you?re an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or dealing with a chronically stiff or sore shoulder, the combination of heat and vibration will provide much-needed relief.

Customized for you:

Ergonomic design with Premium Plush? neoprene and a digital touchscreen control. Three levels of variable heat and vibration patterns so you can personalize your treatment.

What?s included with your Venom Shoulder:

Venom Shoulder wrap – The wrap for your shoulder.

Venom Shoulder pod – The device for heat and vibration.

Power supply – To keep your device charged and ready to go.

Additional plug adapters (2) – To charge your device no matter where you are


Hyper Ice

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